MALLIGARANI RANGARAJAN (RANI) after finishing her University study as a basic western Medical Doctor and as an ophthalmologist, worked for 15 years in India. Observing her father’s success with acupuncture and having personally experienced relief with acupuncture, Rani was inspired to study this alternate system of medicine. She pursued studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Shenzhou University in Amsterdam and completed it in 2010 with Honours (Cum Laude).

While clinically treating a number of cases, Rani kept herself academically updated through many training programmes in Netherlands and India for 7 years. Having had the opportunity to meet and train under the great master Dr. Tan himself in 2014, she started the journey of treating “PAIN” with the Distal Needling Acupuncture. She continued her training in Dr. Tan’s Balance method in:

She then exclusively practiced distal needling with very successful results in Netherlands till 2017.

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