• Li
  • 竿Gan
  • Jian
  • Ying

set up a pole and see the shadow (Chinese idiom), INSTANT EFFECT

  • Distal needling differs from other methods of acupuncture in that the needles are placed distally rather than locally (affected part)
  • The patient will be asked to point out where exactly the pain is. The acupuncturist then works it out as to which could be the best meridian / acupoints to achieve good pain relief.
  • Instant result is expected - Just the way you could see the shadow when you stand a pole under the Sun!
  • After insertion of needles, to begin with, a reduction in the intensity of pain and the ability to move the restricted and painful part can be felt.
  • The patient is encouraged to move the affected part which is free of needles.
  • Good results are observed with very few needles placed in the correct balancing meridian.
  • In order to maintain the pain relief achieved, it is essential to plan frequent treatment (minimum 2 times a week) to begin with. Later on the frequency could be reduced.
  • The treatment plan is made to suit the patient’s individual needs

In memory of Dr.Richard–Teh-Fu-Tan

  • Dr.Richard–Teh-Fu-Tan leading acupuncturist in San Diego, USA is the one who compiled this Balance method Acupuncture. He grew up in Taiwan and went to USA to finish his masters in engineering.
  • As a boy he learned TCM from his family, his father and had to attend TCM classes in all his vacations. He got his licence in TCM in California in 1984.
  • He used his science and Engineering background to give the acupuncture world the very useful formula of distal needling technique.
  • He shared his knowledge through his extensive travel to UK, Europe, Australia and USA.
  • We are thankful to him.