Neck Pain

Neck Pain

In the neck we have the vertebral bones which support the head bone or the skull, with muscles and tendons which allow us a huge range of upward, downward and sideward motion. Neck pain is caused by various reasons. Some are like trauma in a car accident (whiplash), or the head placed in an awkward position on the pillow while at sleep or degenerative changes due to aging or cervical disc prolapse etc. .Many aging people get into the habit of having a forward stretched neck, or “turtle neck”, which in the long run can result in neck pain

Now there is a new problem called “text neck” which has joined the list. This is due to holding the head in an abnormal position to peering into the screen of the phone or tablet. Our skull weighs around 10 pounds and this when held in an unnatural position, say forwards and bent down for prolonged periods could lead to muscle and ligament strain and to neck pain.

Movement of the head is restricted due to pain, and stiffness, torticollis of the neck or Wry neck may be experienced by the affected person.

As our nerve roots leave the spine at the neck, if there is a nerve pinching, it will lead to radiation of the neck pain to the shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist and fingers, and additionally cause shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain also.

Acupuncture by balance method (Tan’s balance method) at Body Balance Acupuncture could help this condition, and needles will be placed far away from the affected part, on the balancing points, for reducing of pain, along with rest for the affected part will complement the treatment.