I got up with a stiff neck. Turning or bending my head was painful and could not get on with my daily work. While riding the bike (with my son sitting behind) I could not look over the shoulder properly and parking the car was not convenient. As my friend an acupuncturist, was on her day off, I came to you for acupuncture. I felt the pain disappear immediately after the treatment. I could park the car that night. Thanks to you.


After wondering for a long time about having acupuncture treatment, I finally brought myself to start the treatment .I had many complaints like migraine, allergic reaction to medication, skin irritation. After five sessions I feel great. All my symptoms have reduced and I realise that I have more energy. I shall continue to go on with the treatment.


I have been having migraine for more than 15 years. I used to suffer for 6 days every month and tried everything advised by the neurologist. I started the treatment with acupuncture from January this year. Initially it was twice a week and then reduced it to once a week and now once a month. Now I do have headaches once a month for 1 day or 2. But it goes away with a paracetamol and I am able to function at work and home. I feel much relaxed than in the previous years. I often think I should have tried acupuncture earlier. But as the saying goes - “it is better late than never”. I am so glad that I had taken this step. Thank you very much.


I am having acupuncture treatment for more than a year. For many years I had complaints of anxiety and nervous feeling in my whole body and also in my chest. I ended up having acupuncture with you. What a treasure I struck!

I am benefitted enormously from the treatment. I feel peaceful and rested now. In my past I felt that I had a blockage in my body which is no longer there. Fortunately I feel good now. I am thankful.

Henk van der spek

For a few months I had pain in the right side of my chest which radiated to the front of the chest as well. Standing up from a sitting position was very difficult. It seemed that I was torn apart with pain. I had similar complaints years ago. All the blood tests and Echo were normal. The GP was not able to pinpoint the cause for the pain. He related it to stress. I came to know about acupuncture through my physiotherapist and was ready to try it. After 8 treatments my symptoms were gone!

The treatment was a great success!


I was having severe menopausal symptoms for 2 years. Especially at night I had hot flushes many times along with sweating. This resulted in chronic sleep deprivation. A friend of mine suggested that I should try acupuncture. That is how I came to you. After 6 treatments my hot flushes disappeared during the day and at night it is getting better!


My husband and I decided to stop smoking. John looked at your web site and we came to you. Our 1st appointment was on Dec 28th.

After the first treatment I felt as though there was a big chunk of nicotine in my mouth. I could not and did not smoke after that. Yesterday was my 3rd treatment. John also decided to have his back treated after the first needling session.

I was highly motivated to stop smoking as I thought I was completely done with it. After the acupuncture support I developed an aversion towards smoking. On New Year’s Day many of my friends came home and they were smoking. But I did not feel the need to join them. Instead, I felt repulsed by the smoke smell. I am already going to finish the treatment now and I am confident it will succeed.

John is glad that his back pain is much better and he did have help with the quitting smoking effort. Thanks to you Rani.