From the world of acupuncture Stress, Anxiety and Emotions..!

Emotions and stress are part of human nature.

We experience joy, worry, sadness, fear, anger, frustration, jealousy etc.

The Chinese theory is when they are self contained life goes on without problems. When we no longer posses the emotions and they begin to “posses” us then they cause diseases.

Further each emotion is associated to one zang fu organ. The Zang are the solid organs like HEART/PERICARDIUM, SPLEEN, LUNG, KIDNEY and LIVER and the Fu organs are SMALL INTESTINES, STOMACH, LARGE INTESTINE, BLADDER and GALBLADDER.

Zang Organ Fu organs and their 5 elements

Stress is a common word we use in this time and age. According to Chinese theory emotions of an individual plays a great role in his or her wellbeing.

Some examples of how each emotion could affect us are: when a person is doing excessive mental work, worrying, brooding; the organs affected will be the SPLEEN, LUNG and HEART. .

Heart is said to store the Spirit or Shen .When disturbed it needs to be calmed down.

We have heard of stories of sudden joy coming as a shock to a person or a sudden laughter resulting in a heart attack.

Desire, craving, excessive stimulation, over excitement could injure the HEART. Mental restlessness, insomnia, depression is symptom of Heart disorder.

Anger, frustration, resentment, irritability can affect LIVER, STOMACH, HEART and INTESTINES.

Pensiveness, excessive nostalgic thoughts about the past, will knot the LUNG Qi, SPLEEN, and HEART.

Fear depletes KIDNEY Qi. Imbalance shows up as weak will power, fearful, anxiety, insecurity. When disturbed it needs to be calmed down. This is an illustration of different emotions and the effects on the five Zang fu organs.

Zang Organ and the emotions

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